How to Make an Inexpensive Cat Toy



Gather Your Materials Grab a big square of fabric that you don’t particularly care about (if it gets destroyed by your kitty).,
Start Working Fold your fabric in a place where the edges line up fairly well.,
Filling If you prefer to leave a nice clean edge on your toy, turn it inside-out so the fringe won’t show.,
Sewing Shut Now, with all the fillings inside of the toy, sew the opening shut.,

Get scissors, preferably sewing scissors, and some thread and a needle. The less matched the thread is, the more fun and funky the final product looks! You’ll also need stuffing, just enough to puff up your toy, and a bunch of catnip. Pins are useful, but not a necessity. Lay it all out so nothing is hiding anything else, you’ll need everything in turn.;
, If there is no such place, trim around edges so they line up nicely. If you have pins, insert them now. If you have a sewing machine, sew around the edges of your fabric. It’s great to have a machine, simply because they are fast and the stitches hold strong against the tearing teeth and claws of your cat. If not, or you don’t know how to use one, a simple needle and thread will work. If you do use the basic needle and thread, take lots of time making small, even stitches. This will make your toy a little more durable! Leave a two-inch opening somewhere along the seam of your toy. You’ll sew this up after you’re finished stuffing.

, If you don’t care (your cat won’t) just leave it the way it is. Before you add any stuffing, put a big pinch of catnip into your toy. Shake it around. Then, add a pinch of stuffing, alternating until all your stuffing is in the toy. Don’t hesitate and go easy on the catnip! It’s a more the merrier situation here.

, You can use either a machine or hand sewing here.

, When you are done, give the toy to your kitty, and watch them rip and tear and have a good time trying to get at the catnip inside!

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