How to Make an Anonymous Note for Your Crush



Find a way to send it to your crush.,
Figure out what to say.,
Edit the note a few times.,
Once you think that the note is perfect, you are ready to write.,
Once you’re done with everything, put step 1 into action!

Make sure to observe his/her reactions towards the note.

Maybe you could ask your teacher to put it on their desk before class. Alternatively, to decrease the chance of humiliating them, slide it in their locker. These are just ideas, and if they don’t help you at all, use your imagination.;
, Write out a first draft. Sound cute though.

, Make sure it sounds like you, and not like the blonde popular who’s so good at everything. Just like you.

, Typing it up on a computer is too old fashioned and it doesn’t add as much feeling. Use some letter cutouts from magazines or just hand-write it.

,, Make mental notes about anything that needs to be used for a next note so you can keep writing them. Later, give them some personal info (like e-mail, IM, etc, as long as they don’t have your name in them) so you’ll know more about them. Eventually, you can see if it’s worth the risk of revealing yourself.

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