How to Make a Squirrel Feeder



Protect your backyard bird feeders from being raided by squirrels.,
Place squirrel feeders away from your home.,
Find an area of your yard away from bird feeders.,
Select an ideal location for squirrels.,
Select a feeder and food type.

Squirrels will find and feast on the seed you place out for birds. Constructing a squirrel feeder may help keep squirrels away from food set out for other wildlife.

, Any feeder placed too close to the house may encourage the rodents to try to gain entry. Squirrels are also very destructive and will chew through parts of your home or get into the attic.

, The squirrel feeder needs to be in a separate area so the squirrels will stay away from places you don’t want them to be. Squirrels are very territorial and will soon claim their feeder as their own.

, Locate an area of your property that has shrubbery or trees which will give protection and will provide a way for the squirrels to escape.

, Once you have found the ideal location for your squirrel feeder, you will need to decide which type of squirrel feeder you would like to build and select a food supply with which to stock the feeder.

The food source you select often plays a role in deciding what sort of feeder you may want to build.
Squirrels like to eat corn and will find a multitude of ways to get to it. Also, corn is cheap and readily available in most areas, making it an ideal source of food for a squirrel feeder.
Native nuts are a good choice of food. Walnuts, acorns, pecans, or whatever nuts grow in your area are natural squirrel food. Of course, these must be raw and not salted or flavored. Sunflower seeds are also a good food for squirrels.
Many people feed squirrels peanuts, but unless they are roasted to kill a toxic mold, squirrels can get sick from eating them. While squirrels will certainly take advantage of a readily available food source like peanuts, they are of limited nutritional value to squirrels.
Squirrels also need a source of calcium to be healthy. Consider buying a special calcium mixture made for squirrels or provide occasional bones for your squirrels to gnaw.

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