How to Make a Squirrel Feeder



Acquire an appropriate piece of wood.,
Cut the wood into five measured pieces.,
Drill pilot holes for mounting screws.,
Assemble your cut pieces of wood.,
Position the lid.,
Mount the feeder.,
Stock with food.

You can build a box feeder out of any size or type of wood, depending on your needs and specifications. Ideally, you would purchase a cedar fence slat which measures 5″ x 1/2″ x 4 ft., Cut the wood you purchased into four pieces of various sizes to make the base, the back, the lid, and the sides. If you are utilizing a 5” x 1/2” x 4ft piece of wood, you should cut the pieces to the following specifications:

Back= 10 x 5 inches
Base = 12 x 5 inches
Sides = 5 x 5 inches (2 pieces)
Lid = 5 1/2 x 5 inches , Drill the first hole about 1″ from the top of back piece in the center of the wood and drill a second hole roughly 7″ below the first one. The two side pieces need a 1/4″ deep saw kerf made about 3/16″ from front edge. This will allow the plexiglass front cover slide up and down. One of your side pieces needs a hole drilled thru at the saw kerf, so that it is just large enough to allow the nail to be put in by hand. This will keep the plexiglass from being lifted up by the squirrels. , First, fasten the bottom piece to the back piece using 3 flathead screws. Then, fasten each of the side pieces to the bottom piece with 2 flathead screws and to the back piece with 2 flathead screws. , Put the lid in place and screw a hinge to lid and the back piece. Make sure to use the screws that came with the hinge piece to ensure all the components fit together properly. , Remove the plexiglass front cover and fasten the feeder to a tree or a post with the 2″ flathead screws. , Once you have fastened the feeder to a tree or post, select a food type and fill the feeder. Then, simply wait for the squirrels to come along and enjoy.

Squirrels eat a wide variety of nuts, seeds and plants. While peanuts and corn, due to their wide availability, have become popular choices in stocking squirrel feeders, they actually provide very little nutritional value to the squirrel. Hickory nuts, butternuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are all healthy substitutes that the squirrels will enjoy.

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