How to Make a Squirrel Feeder



Find a suitable tree branch.,
Hang simple wires from the branch.,
Create loops or holding points at the end of each wire.,
Attach the corn.,
Enjoy the feeder in action.

You will want to select a low-hanging tree branch that requires the squirrels to do some maneuvering to reach it, but that still rests in a comfortable line of vision for you viewing pleasure.

, In this case, twisted coat hangers or fishing-wire with a high tensile strength will suffice. Hang these wires with roughly six inches to one foot of slack around the tree limb. This will require that squirrels maneuver to get to the food without providing a major obstacle to them.

Try attaching corn cobs to a bungee cord which is then hung from a tree limb or platform. Squirrels will perform acrobatics in an effort to feed on the corn, which is entertaining to watch.

, Once the wires are fastened to the tree branch, create a mechanism at the end of each wire capable of holding an ear of corn. The simplest way to do this is to twist a loop into the wire hangers that will support an ear of corn or tie a loop into fishing-wire.

, Attach whole ears of corn into the loops you created at the end of your wires. Make sure they are securely fastened, as they will need to support the weight of squirrels climbing on and hanging off of them.

If the squirrels knock the corn to the ground, it largely defeats the purpose of employing a hanging feeder which is designed to make the squirrels “work” for the food.

, Now that the hanging wires have been stocked with corn, sit back and enjoy watching the squirrels perform various physical and acrobatic feats to get to the food supply. Be sure to replace exhausted ears of corn to keep the squirrels coming back.

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