How to Make a Simple Cat’s Bed



Pick out a cardboard storage box the right shape and size for your cat.,
Cut a square or circular door-hole in the front of the box.,
Customise the bed specifically to your cat’s needs, likes and dislikes.,
Add a soft, comfortable base to the bed.

Cats feel the cold more than humans so it will help your cat stay warm by providing great insulation from the cold, as well as a safe space to retreat and relax in. You can buy cardboard boxes in a variety of colours, floral, vintage or modern designs. This lets you choose one to suit your personal choice for your home décor. Alternatively you can simply use a cardboard box from the supermarket or local store.

This can be a fun project for a rainy day with your kids when your cat looks like they are in need of a nap.
Before you begin take a minute to learn how to keep your cat safe as well as cosy by making their bed a cat-friendly zone.;
, Cut the hole using scissors or with a craft knife. For an older, slower cat it makes sense to start the door-hole at ground level, but a younger cat or kitten who loves to jump will love a circular door-hole hole halfway up the front of the box.

Make sure the door-hole is large enough for your cat to climb in and out in comfort.
If your cat loves to squeeze into things keep the hole relatively small.
If your cat is sensitive to tight spaces then supersize the door!

, Does your cat like a quiet dark place? Do they like to look around and watch all the household bustle around them? Would they prefer the inside of the box to feel snug and dark, or sunny and light? Asking these questions will help to you design a bed perfect for your cat.

If your cat likes to look around them, think about cutting the top off the box as well as a door-hole – this will make sure that they don’t feel isolated.
If your cat likes privacy then a good idea is to tape a soft piece of fabric over the door-hole as a curtain. To make a chic bed you could use the same fabric to line the box.
Add a snack tube. Cut a hole in the top of box with scissors or a craft knife. Fit a paper toilet roll tube in it as a handy snack drop to ensure you don’t disturb their privacy.

, This can make a real difference in how quickly and happily your cat adapts. Their sensitive whiskers and paw pads mean that they love snuggling into soft textures. Think about your cat’s favourite textures – a pillow, a cushion a furry rug, some fur fabric or even vintage curtains may all suit them.

Add something that smells of you such as an old t-shirt or sweater.
Add a favourite toy, or appeal to their sense of smell with a little bit of cat nip.

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