How to Make a Recycled Bird Feeder



Wash out the carton.,
Cut out a window or door shape on either the front or the back of the carton.,
Paint the carton.,
Glue a row of twigs across the side with the door.,
Make flower decorations from buttons.,
Push a twig through the front side, just under the open hole.,
Thread string or wire through the top of the carton.,
Fill with birdseed.

Milk or juice residue left behind can produce mold when mixed with birdseed, so be sure to flush it all out and dry thoroughly.

, A little archway door makes for a nice shape.

When deciding how large to make the shape, consider the size of the birds you’ll be encouraging, and the potential for other animals to try to sneak the birds’ food.

, Paint it all one color. Choose a natural color. Allow to dry completely.

, Glue the twigs to the sloped part of the carton; this will make a cute little roof. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Use twigs that are all of the same size; cut to size before gluing. The should have a little overhang to create the effect of the end of a roof, and eaves.

, Form flower shapes using buttons and glue here and there on the carton. This is optional but it does look pretty.

, This provides a perch for the bird to sit on as it feeds. You may need to add a dab of glue to keep it solidly in place; test by pushing down gently.

, This will create the hanger for the recycled bird feeder.

, Hang off a tree branch, clothesline or similar space in the garden.

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