How to Make a Recycled Bird Feeder



Find a suitable plastic bottle.,
Cut out holes in the bottle.,
Pierce a hole in the bottom front section of the bottle, underneath the panel cut out above.,
Use paint pens to add decorative designs to the bottle.,
Attach a hook to the top of the bottle.,
Hang from a suitable place in the garden.,
Tip birdseed into the recycled bottle feeder.

It must be wide and squat, to allow plenty of room for the birds to access. A large vegetable oil bottle or a large milk bottle would be good. Wash the bottle out thoroughly and allow to dry before proceeding.

Be sure to only use bottles that have held food in them. Do not use bottles that have had cleaning or garage products in them.

, Cut out the front, back and side panels from the bottle. Leave a good amount of edges on all corners to form the structural holders of the feeder and leave at least 2 inches/5cm of uncut base (namely, end the panel so as to leave the a good amount of the bottle’s bottom intact). Think of this as cutting away “windows” from the bottle. Do not cut all of the panel out; leave a small part at the base for a “perch”; you simply cut away most of the panel, then only cut slits down the sides of the base part of the panel, then bend it outwards to form the perch.

Use a craft knife to do the cutting.
You can vary what you cut away. If you’d rather that the birds had shelter from wind or breezes, you could cut out only a single panel, or only a front and back panel, while leaving the other panels intact. Since it’s a plastic bottle, and these are in plentiful supply, you might like to experiment to discover what works best.

, Pierce a hole in the exact same place on the opposite side. Slide the wooden skewer through this. Pieces of fresh fruit can be added to this for birds to eat, with skewers replaced regularly to maintain hygiene.

, This step is optional but it’s fun for the kids. Ensure the designs are dry before proceeding.

, Twist it into the bottle cap, then restore the cap to the bottle. Thread wire or twine through the eye and tie a firm knot.

, This might be a tree branch, a clothesline or similar object.

, Pull the skewer back on one side and thread the fruit pieces on, then push the skewer back into position. The feeder is now ready for the birds.

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