How to Make a PVC Pet Bed



Get your PVC pieces all together.,
Start assembling them.,
If your cloth that you will be using is new, wash it.,
Take the larger sheet of material and wrap it around the sides of the bed.

Find some way of fastening them.,

You can use a smaller size (3/4 inch is used here), but it won’t be as strong.;
, Be sure that the feet are headed in the same direction and the shape is as squared as you can get it. It is very easy to get turned around.

, You want it to shrink somewhat (like it would naturally) before you affix it to the frame.

If you are going to be making a quilted bed, do what you need to, to get it ready. The soft part of this setup is a small velour blanket folded into quarters.

,, You could use rivets, snaps, hooks, even Velcro. Keep in mind that you are going to have to clean it periodically.

A particularly easy method is to sew the material around the sides, but you won’t be able to glue the legs to the corner ends, completely.


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