How to Make a No Sew Pet Bed



Consider using a pillow.,
Try stuffing your bed.,
Tie the remaining strips together.

Once your cover is created, you’ll have to decide on how to stuff the bed. If you have an old pillow, consider using this to stuff the cover. The main advantage of a using a pillow is that it’s already uniform and soft. It requires little extra effort on your part in regards to assembly. If you have a spare pillow, this may be your best option., If you do not have a spare pillow, you can stuff your bed yourself. You can buy cheap stuffing at a local craft store. You can also use old blankets, clothing, or other fabric items from your home. If you’re using repurposed items, you may have to fluff and pat down the pillow to get out any unwanted lumps or bumps. These can cause discomfort for your pet.You can squeeze the bed lightly to fluff it. You can also run your hand over lumpy portions, smoothing them out.

, Once you’ve inserted the pillow or stuffing, tie together the remaining strips. Remember to double-knot the top and bottom strip on each side. Once you’ve finished knotting the strips, your no-sew pet bed is complete.

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