How to Make a Hyper Cat Sit



Use the right treats.,
Calm your cat.,
Teach him his name.,
Use treat training.,
Be patient.,
Keep it short.,
Try clicker training.,
Try more advanced tricks.

The key to training a cat to sit is to find the treat that he finds the tastiest. This will vary depending on the cat. It can range from small cubes of chicken to small flakes of canned tuna to commercially made treats. In general, cats love human foods high in protein the most.

You can also try prawns, steak, and cheese as possible treats for your cat. These are popular treats as well. ;
, Before you can begin a training session, you need to burn off some of your hyper cat’s excess energy. Plan to spend 15 minutes playing rambunctious games with him to help him lose some of the energy. Try games such as chase, which can be done with a laser pointer, or keep away with a feather toy. You can also try going up or down the stairs inside your home dragging your cat’s favorite toy behind you. He will stalk and pounce on it and chase after you.

After your cat starts to slow down, he should be able to concentrate on a training session., Before you can teach your cat to sit, your cat needs to know his name. To teach him to come when you call his name, you can use a training technique with treats. Make sure to keep treats on you, either in a small plastic container or a zip topped bag. When your cat is in the same room as you, get his attention with a small treat in your hand. When he sees the treat, say his name as he comes over. When he gets to you, reward him with the treat.

Do this until he is consistently coming to you when you say his name.
Slowly phase out the treats. Replace it with praise and attention when he comes to his name., Once you have tired your cat out and found the right treats, you can teach him to sit with treats. Begin by sitting in front of your cat with a treat in your hand. He should be standing on all fours to best teach him to sit, so try to get him into this position if he doesn’t naturally do so. Let him see the treat in your hand, then hold the treat two or three inches above his head. Slowly move it back between his ears, rubbing it slightly against his head. In order to follow the treat, he will follow your hand and begin to sit.

As he does, tell him “sit .” Immediately after he does, say “good, sit” and give him the treat.
This may take a few tries to get right. Make sure you aren’t holding the treat too far above his head at first either. This will cause him to jump up instead of leaning back, which can teach him the wrong thing., Your cat will not learn this overnight or after one try. It will probably take anywhere from seven to 14 training sessions until your cat understands that the motion above his head and the word “sit” means to sit down. With patience, persistence and consistency in training, your cat will soon be sitting like a pro., Your cat will get distracted if you train too long, especially if he is hyper by nature. To this end, make sure you keep the training sessions short. Five to 10 minutes is long enough for kittens or hyper cats.

Practicing for too long can make your cat aggravated, which may cause him to bite or scratch you.
When you feed your cat treats, only feed him very small amounts as treats. A small sliver half the size of your pinkie finger thumbnail is plenty to give him. This way, he won’t fill up during your short training sessions and won’t over eat., In addition to treat training, you can also try the clicker training method. For this method, you need to buy a small hand held clicker, which you can get at pet stores or online. To start clicker training, you get your cat to associate the clicks with treats. To start this, produce a click and random and then give your cat a treat. He will start to realize that the click sound means a treat.

Keep doing it until he understands. You’ll know he understands when you click and he starts looking at you or running to you for a treat. Once this happens, begin the treat training routine, which will be easier with the help of the clicker.Clickers become a powerful tool for pet training. Your cat will know that once he hears a click, he is doing something right. So when you treat train, click the clicker the moment your cat sits, then give him a treat. He then associated the click with correct behavior, which will translate into sitting for your without the help of the clicker., Many hyper cats are simply bored cats. After you’ve taught him to sit, you can continue with other tricks. Do this by taking his clicker training to a higher level by training. You can do more elaborate things, such as teaching your cat to follow a target, such as a toy.

You can also teach him to follow the target through an obstacle course such as cat tunnels and to jump over low lying obstacles.

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