How to Make a Honey, Spinach and Apple Guinea Pig Toy



Poke two holes on each side of the end of the tube end that won’t hold the treat.,
Thread string through the two holes.,
Smear honey on the rims of the treat end of the toilet paper roll.

Cut the apple piece into a quarter or piece small enough to fit firmly into the tube end.

Push the apple piece into the end of the tube that has the honey smeared on it.

Push in the spinach leaf (or leaves).,
Pour a little bit of honey in the top of the plant matter.,
Put aside to let the honey dry.

Hang the honey, spinach apple treat in the guinea pig’s cage.

Choose either end for the treat, whichever you think is likely to firmly hold the treat in place.;
, This string needs to be long enough to be tied from the top of the cage, to allow the tube to hang with the treat dangling down for the guinea pig to play with.

,,,, Ensure that the leaf is held in place by the apple piece.

, Don’t add too much though, as it can make a guinea pig feel ill.

,, Wait for the guinea pig to discover it and start to enjoy its enrichment treat.

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