How to Make a Holiday Bird Treat



Melt the lard and peanut butter together over low heat in a saucepan.,
Stir in the cornmeal or oatmeal.,
Remove the mixture from the oven.,
While the mixture is cooling, get the pine cone ready.,
Place the pine cone on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper.,
Decorate your pine cone with the remaining assortment of ingredients by placing them onto the pine cone.,
Chill the pine cone in the refrigerator to set hard.,
Hang the holiday treat outside where the birds can access it easily.,

, Mix through.

, Let cool.

, Attach fishing line, string or wire to the top of the pine cone to use as a hanger. Tie a strong knot.

, Spread the cooled mixture between the scales of the pine cone.

, They will attach to the wet mixture already on the cone.

, Place the cone into the refrigerator sitting on the cookie sheet. Alternatively, place it outside on the porch until the entire mixture hardens.

, Make sure the spot you choose is cat-proof!


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