How to Make a Harness for Your Fat Cat



Take your cat’s measurements.,
Gather all the required materials.,
Cut a piece of paracord for the ribcage circle.,
Fuse the tips of the paracord.,
Attach the plastic buckle.,
Knot the paracord using the cobra stitch.,
Repeat for the shoulder circle.,
Prepare the two circles for connection.,
Cut, fuse and attach paracord for middle section.,
Knot the middle section using the cobra stitch.,
Finish knotting both circles with the cobra stitch.,
Test the harness out on your cat.

Measure your cat in three places: the circumference of your cat’s neck, near their shoulders (not near their throat where a collar would go); the length between your cat’s neck to the middle of their rib cage (straight line); the circumference of your cat’s chest around the middle of the rib cage.If you visualize these three measurements, you’ll have two circles (one larger than the other) and a straight line between the two circles.

For the sake of our example, let’s assume our three measurements are 8”, 6” and 15”, where 8” and 15” are the two circle circumferences.

, For a paracord harness you’ll need 2 plastic buckles, several packages of paracord, scissors and a candle.For our example measurements, we’ll need at least 203” of paracord.

The plastic buckles should be the type that is called a “side release” buckle. An example of what one would look like can be found here.

, Because of the amount of paracord taken up by the stitching/knotting, you’ll want to cut a piece of cord that’s 7 times the length you need.In this case you need 15” for the finished circle, so you’ll want a piece of cord that’s 105” long.

, Light the candle and put each tip or end of the paracord into the flame to melt it enough to form a solid seal – sort of like the ends of a shoelace.Melting and fusing the ends will make sure the paracord doesn’t start to fray or unwind in the future.

Do not fuse or melt two ends of a piece of paracord together.

, Fold the paracord piece exactly in half (now you’ll have 52.5” of paracord). Attach one side of the buckle to the end of the paracord that’s folded (i.e. not the end that’s in two pieces) by bringing the looped end of the paracord through the buckle attachment by about 1.5-2”, then threading the two loose ends through the loop and pulling tight., Starting at the end where you attached the buckle, use the cobra stitch until you get about ¼ of the way through the 52.5” length.For a step-by-step video on how to complete a cobra stitch, see here.

, For this example, the shoulder circle is 8” around so we’ll need a 56” length of paracord. Fuse both ends of the new piece of paracord using the candle. Fold the 56” long piece of paracord in half (28”). Attach the second plastic buckle to the looped end of the paracord piece. Knot the paracord using the cobra stitch until you’re about ¼ of the way through the 28” length., Place the shoulder circle on the table in front of you to the right. Then place the ribcage circle on the table in front of your on the left. Make sure you can see all 4 pieces of loose paracord coming out of both partially stitched pieces. Loosen the left loop from the last stitch on the shoulder circle, and the right loop on the last stitch of the rib cage circle., This section is suppose to be 6” long when complete. Multiplied by 7 means you’ll want to cut a length of paracord that’s 42” long. Fuse both ends of the new piece using the candle. Fold the 42” length of paracord in half so it’s 21” long. Using the same method as when you attached the previous paracord pieces to the buckle, attach the looped end of this piece to the loosened loop on the shoulder circle., Stitch the entire length of this section of paracord.Do not stop at the ¼ way mark. Attach the end of this section to the rib cage circle where you loosened the loop.

, Using the remaining paracord for both circles, finish knotting them using the cobra stitch.Attach the remaining parts of both buckles to the ends of the paracord circles.

, Put the harness on your cat to test out the fit. Allow your cat to get use to his or her new harness and then take them outside for some fresh air.

You can attach a leash clip directly to the paracord in the middle section, or you could attach a D ring to the middle section while you’re doing the cobra stitch.

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