How to Make a Hamster Toy Out of Loofah Chews



Cut holes.,
Fold the end of the toilet tube.,
Cut the loofah chews to pieces.,
Add the contents.,
Fold the other end.,
Give the finished toy to the hamster.

Using your scissors, cut small holes, ensuring that they are big enough for the hamster to reach in to get the chews and treats hidden inside the toilet tube. Cut the holes at the side of the tube.;
, Choose one side and fold it from one side to the other.

, Make the pieces big, almost overlapping the size of the holes.

, After cutting the loofah chews, add both the loofah pieces and hamster treats in the tube. Make sure the treats are really inside so the hamsters have a hard time getting to the treats. As a result, they will chew the loofah pieces to get to the treats hidden within.

, After putting the contents in the toilet paper tube, fold the other end in the same way that you folded the other end.

, You may place the toy inside the hamster’s cage. Stand back and watch your hamster tear it to pieces, enjoying the toy you just made!

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