How to Make a Hamster Playground



Get medium or large cardboard boxes.,
Flatten the box.,
Cut off the lids.,
Make four long strips.,
Cut slots in each strip.,
Put the pen together.,
Fill the pen with your hamster’s favorite toys.

Use either two large cardboard boxes or four medium sized boxes. Go to a nearby store, or ask your parents to take you. Try to find boxes that are as clean as possible.If you want a pen with higher sides, go with four medium boxes. Otherwise, two large boxes will be fine, especially for a small pet like hamster.;
, Once you’ve found some boxes, flatten each out if the store you got them from didn’t already. Do this by undoing the flaps that fold together to make the bottom, or if cut them if they’re taped. Once the boxes are broken down, cut a corner where two sides come together, so that the boxes lay out complexly flat.Use scissors or a craft blade, and ask an adult to help you if you’re not allowed to use sharp objects without supervision.

, After you’ve completely flattened the boxes, cut off the lid flaps that used to be the tops and bottoms. You can either discard the flaps once you’ve cut them off, or save them to use them for another project. After cutting off the flaps, you should just be left with long, cardboard rectangles.If you’re using four boxes, just flatten each and cut the flaps off of each box the same way you’d do for two big boxes.

, If you’re started with two large boxes, cut each in half length-wise, or horizontally. Use a ruler or yardstick and a pen to make a line down the center to guide you. You should be left with total of four long strips.If you started with four medium sized boxes, you can just use the rectangular strips as they are after you cut off the flaps.

, Take each long, rectangular cardboard strip and mark out a line about an inch from the end. If you lay out each strip flat, the line should go from the top to the center on two strips, and from the center to the bottom on the other two. These will fit together to form the pen’s borders.Don’t cut the slots too thick, or they won’t fit together snugly and the pen won’t be as stable.

, Find an area of your house with a hard floor surface, preferably tile so it won’t absorb any messes your pet might make. Give the floor a quick sweep and wipe it down with a wet paper towel to make sure there’s no crumbs or anything you wouldn’t want your hamster to eat. Line the strips’ slots up, and fit them together so they’re snug., Grab any toys that are removable from your pet’s cage, and place them in its pen. Use any other hamster toys you might have, such as tubes, dens, or plastic balls. Make rooms using tissue boxes by cutting out doors so the hamster can get in or out, or fold up the flaps you cut off the boxes to make little hamster teepees.

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