How to Make a Hamster Playground



Use toys and tubes from the hamster cage.,
Use cardboard tubes to create tunnels.,
Cut out entrances and exits on little boxes.,
Make a hamster slide.

Make sure to fill your hamster’s new playground with toys, whether you built a multi-level box playground, or made a collapsible pen. If you keep toys and obstacles in your hamster cage that are removable, grab them so it can play in its new playpen or box. Use a tray to put treats in your pen, too. Try putting them around the pen in various places for your hamster to find.

, Use an empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls to make tunnels for your hamster. Make sure that they’re big enough for your pet to get through. Create a bigger tunnel system by pushing the cardboard rolls into any other hamster tubes you might have, like ones made out of either a chewable material or out of plastic.

, Stock up on empty tissue boxes, cereal boxes, boxes that hold canned soda, and other household cardboard boxes. The size of these smaller boxes will depend on the size of the box or pen you used for the playground. Cut doors in them and make a little city for your hamster to explore.

, Take a trip to the hardware store, or have your parents bring you. Find a short length of flexible, plastic tubing for plumbing. Use the largest tubing you can find: one with the longest circumference, or longest around. Cut it in half length-wise so you’re left with two long slide shapes. If you or a parent is handy with wood, you can make a ladder for the slide with a small wood frame or box. Use non-toxic glue to attach 5 to 10 wooden dowels for the ladder’s rungs. You can also get an adult to drill holes through the wooden frame and use a hammer to tap the dowels through them.Use a small, solid square of wood for the slide’s top platform. Drills holes and use screws or dowels to attach it to the wooden ladder, or glue them together using non-toxic glue.Have an adult drill holes through the slide shape and the wood square, and use a screw to attach the slide to the square’s underside. Sand out a groove in the platform so the slide fits better. Make sure the pointy end of the screw doesn’t poke through the top side of the wood square.Finally, if you’d like to add some color, use food coloring and water to stain the wood parts of your hamster’s new slide.

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