How to Make a Hamster Playground



Find a large box.,
Cover the box’s bottom.,
Create multiple levels.

Visit a nearby grocery or department store. Tag along with mom or dad next time they go shopping. Ask someone who works at the store for the biggest box they have in the back.

If you get a box from a grocery store, make sure doesn’t have any food, grease, or dirt stains.
Department or electronics stores are great because their boxes usually don’t have any grime that sometimes come with grocery store big boxes.

, Place a soft old towel at the bottom of the box. Cover the towel with a hamster-friendly bedding or litter. These include wood shavings, shaved corn cob, coarse sand, and other materials that you can find at your local pet store that are marked hamster-safe.Make sure the litter is marked chemical free and safe for pets.
Stay away from straw, because the tough strands can hurt the hamster’s cheeks.
Also avoid fluffy bedding products like cotton wool because they can stuck in the hamster’s toes and feet.

, Use smaller boxes, like tissue boxes, to create levels for your hamster to explore. Cut off lids so the boxes don’t have tops and bottoms, then cut out little doors for the hamster to get in or out. If you use tissue boxes, make sure you get rid of all its plastic and serrated, or sharp, edges at the opening.

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