How to Make a Hamster Litter Box



Find a suitable box you can use.,
Cut a hole the size of a paper towel or toilet paper tube on the side of the box.,
Place the tube you used to cut the hole and place it in the hole to make it fit nicely.,
Place some of your hamsters current bedding (some that’s already in the cage) in the box so when your hamster smells it, it will recognize it.

Place some of your hamsters feces in the box.,
Wait for the hamster to use it.,

Cardboard or plastic; it doesn’t really matter. Just as long as your hamster has a way to get to it.;
, You can use the tube to trace a circle in the spot so it will be easier to cut and fit.

, The other end has to find a way to be in the hamsters’ cage. My hamster cage has the critter tubes that go down the side to the box. You can do something similar or different just as long as your hamster can get to it easily and without escaping.

,, Ok now I know this sound gross, but next time your holding your hamster and it poops, put it in the “litter box”. It should realize that since all of its poos are here, that it needs to poo here. When you clean you hamsters cage and you wipe off some poo or pee, put some in the litter box.

, By now your hamster should realize that in the litter box is where it should use the bathroom.


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