How to Make a Hamster Hammock



Find or make a washcloth for the hammock.,
Turn on the sewing machine.,
Fold the washcloth in half.

Sew the washcloth into a hammock.,
Stuff the hammock with the filling.,
Sew twine at each end of the hammock.,
Attach your hamster’s hammock to the cage.

You can also use fleece if needed, and gather the supplies needed stated below.;
, Be ready with the color thread you’ve chosen for the project. Have ready the polyester stuffing to fill the hammock with.

,, Sew all three sides and leave one side open for the filling.

, Sew up the last edge to complete the hammock.

, These twine ends will serve as the ties for the hammock, to be attached to the hamster’s cage. Tidy any loose ends and it’s done.

, Wait for him to start chilling!

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