How to Make a Guy Think About You



Ask him questions about himself and listen to what he says.,
Don’t play hard to get.,
Maintain a sense of mystery.

Most people really like to talk about themselves. It feels good when someone is genuinely interested in your opinion and experiences and wants you to share those things.Ask about his hobbies or his favorite bands and movies. People tend to have a very positive opinion about people who ask them questions about themselves.

Make sure you weigh in, too. The conversation shouldn’t be all about him. Share your own thoughts and opinions (and don’t feel you always have to agree with him).

, You may think that flirting up a storm with other guys will show him that you’re desirable and have other options, but playing hard to get rarely works.Research shows that we are more attracted to people who are selective. So if you’re in a group and none of the other guys seem to hold your attention, but you have a big smile just for your crush, you’re going to catch his interest.This doesn’t mean you have to be rude, mean, or ignore other guys. But if you were thinking about flirting with someone just to make your crush jealous, you might want to think again.

, If he knows everything about you right off the bat, he’ll lose the fun and anticipation of slowly getting to know what makes you tick. So hold back a little bit. Don’t call, message, or text him constantly. Give him the time and room to think and wonder about you. Let him be curious about you and what you’re doing.

Don’t ignore him or be rude, but don’t always be available.

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