How to Make a Guy Come Talk to You



Make eye contact.,
Be confident.,
Talk to his friends.,
Lose the cell phone.,
Pay attention to your body language.

Believe it or not, boys get just as shy as girls do when it comes to making the first move. Smiles are friendly and welcoming – a smile can make a guy feel instantly secure about walking over and introducing himself. On the other hand, a frown is sure to make him nervous and keep him away., This goes hand in hand with smiling. You can smile all day long, but unless you make eye contact when you do it, it won’t signal to him that you want him to come talk to you.If you make eye contact and smile as you pass him he will notice, especially if it happens often. If he smiles back, all the better!

Eye contact is great, but avoid outright staring at him. Glance over occasionally, but don’t stare too long.

, This is far more important than your hair or your clothes. Having confidence is not only an attractive personality trait, but it also makes you a more dynamic, interesting person. Someone with confidence will automatically attract people. Radiate positivity!, When a guy sees you talking to his friends, it makes him feel much more comfortable about approaching you himself.Just make sure you aren’t flirting with his friends! He’ll notice that too, but not in a good way.

, When you’re around a guy that you want to talk to, being buried in your cell phone is definitely not a signal that you want to chat. Keep your head up and look alert, ready to engage.

, Communication is so much more than just using words – your body language also speaks volumes, even from across the room or hall.

Don’t cross your arms. It definitely sends the signal that you are not approachable.
Watch your posture. When you slouch, you communicate to a guy without saying a word that you don’t feel confident enough to have him approach you.
Keep your gestures smooth and firm. Relaxed hands imply confidence, whereas clenched hands can make you seem anxious and unapproachable.
Try not to squirm in your outfit or fidget with anything. Doing so can make you appear anxious.

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