How to Make a Guy Come Talk to You



Put yourself in his line of sight.,
Sit near him.,
Create a situation that prompts him to approach you.,
Share a common interest.,
Join his friend group.

If you see a natural opportunity to walk past him, take it! If you notice that he walks down a certain hallway every day at a certain time, position yourself there. Do this sparingly, otherwise you may come off as desperate.

Make sure when you are walking past him that you are doing so for a purpose. Get a drink from a water fountain he’s standing near or go into the library if he’s standing out front chatting with his friends.
When you do walk past him, makes sure to stand up straight, hold your head up high, walk with confidence and have a smile on your face., This doesn’t mean sit right NEXT to him – that would be too obvious! But sitting near him (in his line of vision, if possible) can definitely get you noticed and create a scenario in which he’ll approach you to talk. If you share a class with him, sit nearby. At lunch, sit with your friends one table over.

, Try walking past him with an armload of heavy books, or try to enter a door he’s standing near with your hands full. Perhaps even walk by him looking confused or lost, as though you are trying to find a classroom or a person and having no luck.

While the “damsel in distress” act shouldn’t be employed too often, it can definitely be effective in getting a conversation started, or at the very least, provide an opportunity to lock eyes with him and smile!, If you know he’s interested in something in particular, give it a try yourself. For instance, if you know he enjoys watching basketball games at school, go to one yourself every now and then. If he loves music, occasionally drop by your local record shop. Bump into him at the gym. If you see one another while in the midst of a common interest, he’s almost certain to come over and chat with you about it.

Don’t go to extremes to make this happen. You don’t need to force yourself to enjoy anything that you don’t like! Keep it natural.
Plan carefully and don’t try to pop up at every single event or hobby he’s interested in. Doing this will likely make you seem creepy, and the stalker vibe is not one you want to give off!

, If you are already friendly with some of his close friends and it feels natural to do so, get closer to those people. It will provide him with plenty of opportunities to approach you. Not only that, but his friends will have nothing but nice things to say about you in front of him, which is never a bad thing!

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