How to Make a Guinea Pig Toy



Take a piece of string.,
Find a carrot that is suitable for the guinea pig.,
Slide the string through the carrot.

Knot it at the bottom so that the carrot stays on the string.,
Tie the top of the string to the top of the cage.,

Depending on how tall your cage is, make the string is long enough for the guinea pig to reach it without hurting itself.;
, Give it a wash and a quick dry. Poke a small hole in the middle of the carrot.

,, Make sure the knot is strong enough that when the guinea pig pulls the carrot, it won’t fall off. Make it a double knot if needed.

, It is better if the string, or, twine, is holding the carrot just out of reach, to force your piggie to stretch. Now your little friend has a toy and a treat.


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