How to Make a ‘Green’ Hummingbird Feeder



Acquire a 1-liter bottle, with the cap.,
Cut out a bottom of a round basket.,
Cut out pieces of thin tubing or straws.,
Super glue the cap of the bottle on to the middle of the basket.

Cut holes in the bottle big enough for the straw to get to but not big enough for insects and other things to get inside.,
Glue the edge of the straws to the basket, so when they are outside of the bottle they make a little U looking shape.

Make some bird food.,
Pour the feed into the top of the bottle and screw on the cap.

Hang wherever birds are found!

This will be the food holder.;
, This will be the stand for the birds. Make sure it is big enough for birds to stand on.

, Make enough so each straw will be able to touch the cap of the bottle.

,, You can make as many as you want, preferably 3 or 4

,, Get sugar and warm water, and stir it together. Then boil to withstand mold.


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