How to Make a Girl Smile



Make her something.,
Show you’re listening.,
Give her a gift.,
Take her on a surprise outing.

Nothing says you’re interested in her more than taking the time to make her something. It could be something as small as a bouquet of wildflowers you picked yourself and put in a homemade vase. Really, it’s the thought and the surprise that count. You could also make her a braided bracelet out of yarn or beads. Another option is baking her something, like a batch of cookies or brownies.

, If she talks about a particular band that you’ve never heard, find it and listen to it. She will probably be impressed that you went to the trouble of listening to it. Bring her things she mentions. If she said she likes coffee, bring her coffee one day. Show her that you are getting to know the real girl, and her likes and dislikes. Also, pay attention when she tells a story. It says something about her, and she’ll be touched if you remember it later., It doesn’t have to be big, but it should be thoughtful. She should know that you’ve been thinking about her. It should also show that you know the kinds of things she likes and likes to do. In other words, it should be thoughtful.If she collects things, like stickers, pins, pens, or hair bows, bring her a new one that you know she’ll like.
If she likes to read, pick a used book to give to her.
You could also bring her a piece of chocolate or her favorite soda.

, It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something that will be new and surprising and bring a smile to her face. Think about the kinds of activities she likes, and come up with a plan. In fact, you could even ask some questions to figure out what she likes, without giving away the surprise, such as, “So what are some of your favorite restaurants in town? I love Betty’s Burgers.”Visit a free art gallery, or go have coffee and dessert at a coffee shop.
Take a walk by the lake to feed the ducks.
Join a free dancing lesson, or go browse the library together.

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