How to Make a Girl Chase You



Be friendly.,
However, don’t stick yourself in the friend zone.,
Let it spread.,
Compliment her.,
Hang out with your other friends.,
Hang out in a group.,
Drop hints.,
Focus on you.

Girl like when boys make the first move. If you initiate conversation, then she’ll be all the more willing to keep it up, even if she doesn’t have a crush on you.;
, Try to be a little flirty all the time, too.

Don’t underestimate the power of withdrawal. If she flirts, flirt back, but keep it short and leave her wanting more. Don’t make yourself so easy to get that she becomes uninterested.

, Hint to someone close to her that you’re interested. They’re bound to tell the girl you’re eyeing! Don’t make it seem desperate, though. You may find out if she already likes you from a mutual friend! If she does, your work is easy! Just let her chase you.

, In case you didn’t know, girls like that! However, don’t let her EXPECT the compliments, then it’s you doing the chasing. Also, be sure to compliment the right things. If you don’t know the girl well, just talking about how hot she is will make her think you’re just interested in the physical stuff, and you don’t want that.

, Be cool! Let her see you have a social life, but don’t be cocky about it, and don’t try too hard to be busy or it will show.

Be slightly distant without being rude. ‘Treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen DOESN’T work. Many girls will become confused and hurt if you try this, and may lose interest all together.

, Ask her out on a group thing, but spend a lot of time with her. She’ll think of it as a date subconsciously if she spends most of the night talking to you.

, Describe an ideal girlfriend, using a lot of the qualities that the girl you’re talking to has. Don’t come right out and say it, but by dropping hints she’ll begin to think of herself as a good fit for you.

, Overall, once you’ve established yourself as a usual person she talks to, ease back a bit. Don’t ignore her entirely, just try play it cool. Once she realizes you haven’t spoken in a while she’ll be missing you, then she’ll start messaging you first and seeking you out. Hence, chasing you. From then on flirt, sweet talk and play it hot and cold, it’ll keep her constantly looking for approval and attention for you, but you’ll hold the power. Just remember not to stay too distant, or she may think you’re too hard to get.

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