How to Make a Filling for Your Hamster’s Treat Log



Gather your ingredients and supplies.,
Put some of your hamster’s food in a bowl.,
Boil some water.,
Pour the water into the bowl of food and stir.,
Keep stirring until there is a paste with seeds, instead of water with seeds.,
Scoop your mix into the log/silicone ice-cube tray.

Place into the freezer for an hour or so.,
When the paste in the mix has hardened, you can take it out.,
Serve it up.

You’ll need:

Your hamster’s favorite food (ideally one that includes lots of the crumbly bites and pellets, and with a strong smell)
An empty hamster treat log or  a silicone ice cube tray (should be silicone so you can get the bites out)
Hot water (kettle, pan, however you heat your water) or peanut butter (chunky or smooth)

The peanut butter makes the treat extra special, but shouldn’t be used too often. The water is healthier for regular use.

Any other extra seeds or little bites to add into the mix;
, Use as much as you want, depending on how much filling you want.

, Using a kettle is the easiest.

, Crush some of the crumbly brown bites as they will dissolve and create a paste.

If desired, you can skip the water and scoop some peanut butter into the bowl of food, instead, and stir. Make sure it is not too much, because it is very fatty and your hamster doesn’t need much. And remember when feeding it to him, peanut butter is a treat and shouldn’t be used for everyday.

, Granted, it will not look very attractive, but that’s not really what your hamster cares about.

,, You do not need to be accurate.

, At this point it will be a bit too cold, and there is a chance it might snap your hamsters teeth. Just leave it out somewhere in room temperature, and it will warm up a little, without turning back into a paste.

, Just plop the log into the hamsters cage, or pop out of the ice cube tray and let your hamster enjoy.

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