How to Make a Dangling Guinea Pig Toy



Assemble the materials.,
Measure and cut your nylon string.,
Attach the clothespin.,
Hang the clothespin up.,
Finely chop your food treats.,
Clip the treats in the clothespin.

Food is a great motivator for guinea pigs, and dangling food from the middle of their cage is sure to wake them up and get them in a playful mood. If you don’t already have these materials at your house, purchase them from a local craft store. You will need:A piece of thin nylon string
A few clothespins that have a loose grip (old or worn clothespins work great for this)
Thinly cut vegetable slices

, You want to make sure that you cut a length of string that will have the clothespin dangle at about 4 – 6 inches (10 – 15 cm) above the floor of your guinea pig cage. You it to be low enough so that your guinea pig is able to reach the treats, but high enough that they have to work for it a little bit so it is fun for them. Keep in mind that the length of string will also need to accommodate for the knots being tied at the top of the cage and around the clothespin, as well as the length of the clothespin itself. It is recommended that you cut a piece of string that is too long and then trim it down later after you string it up., Take your clothespin and tie it to the nylon string. Make sure to double-knot this, as you don’t want this string to detach, causing the whole thing to fall into the cage. Tie the clothespin so that it dangles relatively evenly when you hold the sting up. If it is too off balance to one side or the other, retie the string., Now that the clothespin is attached to the string, it will be easier to tell what the appropriate length for the rest of the string should be. Dangle the toy to the appropriate height for your guinea pig, and tie the top portion of the string to the roof of your guinea pig cage. Trim off any excess string., Guinea pigs are omnivores, and they love fresh fruit and herbs. Take vegetables like cucumber and carrots and thinly slice them lengthwise into long, super thin slices. Feel free to also add some small sprigs of parsley or cilantro as well. You just want to make sure the strips are thin enough that the guinea pig teeth can easily chomp through them so that there is no choking hazard., Now that your veggies are prepared, clip them into the already dangling clothespin (this is easier than trying to keep the veggies in while tying up the toy). Don’t overload the toy, since loose veggies will just fall out, and that’s not very fun for your guinea pig. Once the treats are clipped in, introduce your guinea pig to the dangling treats, and watch them enjoy playing and eating their new toy! Refill with veggies whenever you want your guinea pig to have some activity.

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