How to Make a Crush Jealous (for Girls)



Limit how much information you provide.,
Hesitate before agreeing to plans.,
Mention your big plans.,
Send mixed signals.,
Talk to others before you talk to your crush.,
Share a deep thought.

Keep him guessing by only providing a few details about yourself at a time instead of telling him your life story. When he asks questions, only provide half answers so that he has to keep the conversation going to find out what he wants to know. By providing a little mystery, you make yourself appealing to just about anyone.For example, hint at your favorite hobby by saying, “The last time I ate tacos was at the cast party for Romeo and Juliet.” When your crush asks if you were in the play, you could half answer and say, “Being part of the show was amazing. I hope I get to do My Fair Lady someday.” This will keep them wondering if you were the star of the show and will make you seem more exciting.

, Don’t show how eager you are to spend time with him, even if you’re not busy. Make a show of running through your list of plans before committing to spending time with him, especially if he’s inviting you to a group event.Try mixing up the days on purpose. For example, if your crush mentions a party that your group will go to on Friday night, say, “Oh, Saturday I already have tickets to a concert!” Then when they correct you, say, “That’s awesome! I can probably make Friday happen. Thanks for reminding me.”
Suggest alternate plans. For example, if your crush asks you to get frozen yogurt on Tuesday, ask them if you can do it on Thursday instead because of a conflict. This will keep them guessing about what you’re doing.

, One of the hallmarks of the mysterious cool girl is the fact that she sees herself somewhere special in the future, whether it’s art school or running for president. Figure out what yours could be. Would you love to have your own makeup company or to move to the big city to work as a pastry chef? Think about how you can make your daydreams come true.Don’t explain your big plans to your crush. Instead, casually refer to it while you’re within earshot of your crush. You could say, “I’m so tired of taking classes that I don’t need. That’s why I’m going to art school in a few years,” or “You better enjoy my macarons for free while you can because pretty soon they’ll be lining up in the streets of New Orleans for a taste of them.”

, Mixed signals are a classic tool for making someone jealous because they keep the person guessing. While it’s a little mean, sending mixed signals will allow you to get someone’s attention while still avoiding embarrassment because whether or not you’re into them will be unclear.Turn the conversation to serious topics after a flirty exchange.
After you talk to them for a bit at a social event, focus all of your attention on someone else for awhile.
After texting them a lot, take a break. Wait a day or two before answering their last text.
This can backfire! It can make you look mean or thoughtless or just like you don’t like them. Use this tactic with caution.

, When both of you are going to be at the same event, don’t rush to talk to your crush. Instead, say “hi” to other people first, and try to strike up a conversation with someone., Think about which social justice or societal issue is the most important to you, and write down a few comments about these issues that you could share with your trust. Show them that you are a thoughtful, intelligent person.You could also look at blogs and memes that deal with philosophical issues to help you figure out your own deep thoughts.

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