How to Make a Crush Jealous (for Girls)



Know your worth.,
Wear your favorite outfit.,
Keep yourself open.,
Make eye contact.,
Own the room.

If you want to make someone jealous, you need to know why you rock as a person. We all have great qualities, so think about what makes you special.People will treat you how you allow them to, so set high standards for yourself. Remind yourself that you have as much value as anyone else and deserve to be treated well.Make a list of your best traits, your hobbies and interests, and the positive things you’ve done over the past few years, such as volunteering or helping out your grandparents.
Don’t make excuses for someone who doesn’t treat you well; instead, ignore that person and focus on your friends.Remind yourself that all people are different, but they are also still valuable. This means that not everyone will like you, but that shouldn’t take away from how you feel about yourself., When you know that you’re going to be around your crush, choose clothes that make you feel your best and reflect your identity. In addition to looking your best, you’ll convey more confidence because when you feel you look good you project those positive thoughts to the world.Show of your best features.
Pick an outfit that expresses something about you. For example, you could wear something studded to show that you’re edgy, or something flowy to show your girly side.

, Show that you’re comfortable with yourself by keeping your arms loose at your side., When you first meet up with people, meet each of their eyes and give a casual greeting such as, “Hey, guys!.” Maintain eye contact as you talk to people, including your crush.Practice making eye contact with your friends.
If you just can’t make eye contact with their eyes, try to look at their noses.

, No matter where you are, pretend like you’re hosting a party and need to see and speak to everyone. Not only will you look confident, but your crush will have to notice you since you’ll be fluttering around like a social butterfly.

Say “hi” to everyone.
Speak to everyone before the end of the event.
Set time limits for how long you will spend in one spot or talking to the same people. For example, after 15 minutes you could make an excuse to walk away. Say, “I’ll catch you guys in a minute. I’ve got to refill my drink.”

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