How to Make a Cone Hat for a Cat



Gather your supplies.,
Cut your paper in a triangular shape.,
Curl your paper.,
Glue the paper into a cone.,
Trim the base of your cone.,
String elastic thread through the hat to tie the hat in place.

To start, you will need the proper supplies to make a hat for your cat. You can get most supplies at a local craft store, although you may have some of them lying around your house. You will need the following:A pen or pencil
A ruler
A glue stick
Plain or patterned paper – the type of paper is up to you, but sturdier craft paper you find at a craft store may be the most moldable. You can also try construction paper. Avoid flimsy papers, like tissue paper or wrapping paper.;
, Start at the corner of the paper, as you’ll be using the corner as the sides of your triangle. You will be cutting out a triangle with two sides of three inches, so your paper should be at least a 3 inch by 3 inch square. Take your ruler and measure three inches on each sides of the corner. You will want two out of three of the triangle’s sides to be three inches long.The third side of your triangle should not be a straight line. You want to cut it into a curved shape, like a side of a circle.
Your curve does not need to be perfect. You will be trimming down the curve later after assembling the hat.

, Hold the bottom of the paper with one hand. With your other hand, take your pen. Place the pen towards the bottom of the paper, where your other hand is holding the paper.Place your thumb on top of the piece of paper, and press the pen into the paper with your other fingers.
Run the pen swiftly across the paper, with your thumb firmly pressing the pen and paper together. Use enough force to create a curl, but not so much force that you inadvertently damage the paper.
When you’re done, the triangle should already be forming a cone-like shape.

, Dab some glue along either edge of the paper that is slightly rolled into a cone shape. Press the two edges together to create a cone. You should now have what looks like a small birthday hat.You can secure the cone together with paper clips while waiting for the glue to dry.
Be sure to leave a small opening on the top of the cone. Later, when you embellish the cone by adding ruffles or a puff at the top of the cone, you will need a small hole.

, Use your scissors to trim around the base of your hat. You want to trim to the point you can set the hat down on a table and it will stand more or less flat. This makes the hat more comfortable for your cat.Do not worry if the hat does not lie perfectly flat. As long as it does not lean too far in one direction, it should be okay to place on your cat’s head.

, Use a hole puncher to punch two holes on either side of the hat. Take some elastic thread, which you can buy at a craft store, and tie one piece of thread in either hole. When you put your hat on your cat, you can tie these two threads together to secure the hat in place.Make sure your threads are long enough. It’s a good idea to use slightly more thread than you think you need. That way, the threads will not be too tight when you put the hat on your cat. If you have too much thread, you can always trim it down later.
If you can’t find elastic thread, ribbon or regular string can work in a pinch. However, elastic string works best as it will cling to your cat’s face, keeping the hat on his head.

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