How to Make a Cone Hat for a Cat



Check for possible hazards.,
Do not leave your cat alone with the hat in place.,
Avoid forcing your cat to wear the hat.

You do not want your cat to end up swallowing a part of the hat and becoming sick. Do not use any small parts on your hat. Your cat may break these parts off, chew on them, and potentially swallow a hazardous item.When decorating the hat, go for bigger items. A puff ball is big enough to be safely placed on a hat, as it probably will not pose a choking hazard. Something like googly eyes, however, may be tempting for your cat to chew and swallow.
Read product labels. Do not use anything on your hat that has warnings about being toxic to children or pets.

, This is especially important if you put thread on the hat to hold it in place. Threads could get twisted on other objects in your home, trapping and potentially choking your cat.Watch your cat closely when he is wearing the hat. Do not let him out of your site as long as the hat is on. Do not let him crawl under a bed or in a drawer when he’s wearing the hat.
Do not leave your home when your cat is still wearing his hat. Remove the hat before going out.

, Costumes can be fun, but most pets are happiest without clothing of any kind. If your cat is resistant to wearing the hat, do not force it. You want your cat to live in a stress free home, and forcing costumes can cause anxiety.If your cat squirms or cries when you put the hat on, stop and let your cat go. It’s best not to force your cat to wear a costume against his will.
You should also not force your cat to wear the hat if it restricts his vision or movement.

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