How to Make a Comfortable Sleeping Area for Your Hamster



Buy a cute hamster hideout.,
Take some toilet paper and tear it into thin strips.,
Don’t do any big, fancy arrangements.,
Give them fresh paper if they soil their sleeping area.,
Make sure they have plenty of room and feel comfortable.,
Check they have not eaten the paper.

You may want to buy a slightly larger size, because hamsters grow just like us, and one day they may just grow out of their little hideout!;
, Just put a bit into the house and leave the rest just by the house.

, Hamsters normally like to arrange the stuff themselves.

, Your hamster won’t like to fall asleep on a pile of hamster dung.

, If they do not like it, try using softer and less or more toilet paper.

, Eating toilet paper can cause some problems for hamsters.

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