How to Make a Chicken Feeder



Find a clean piece of PVC gutter of a decent length.,
Stand the wood blocks each end of the gutter.,
Measure the width of the gutter.,
Drill holes into the end of the gutter and through into the wood block ends.,
Place the gutter trough feeder where you wish to feed the chickens.

Also find two lengths of scrap 2×4 wood that measure the same as the gutter and two blocks of the same scrap 2×4 wood for the frame. You’ll also need some nails or screws and a drill/hammer.

The length of the gutter should be sufficient to accommodate the amount of chickens being fed. You may wish to make more than one trough if you have a lot of chickens.
The length of the wood blocks should be the same as each other but longer than the width of the gutter, to ensure stability. At least a 2 inch/5cm extra length either side is essential, perhaps more, depending on the length of the gutter used.
Both the wood lengths and the block lengths should be the same height/width from the ground, to ensure it all sits level.

, The wood should stand upright, to lift the gutter right up off the ground. The gutter should sit about halfway onto each wood block.

, Mark this on the wood block ends. Attach the two wood lengths to the wood block ends, following this measurement; nail or screw into place. This creates the wood frame on which the gutter sits.

, Add the nails or screws to keep the gutter firmly attached to the block ends. You may wish to attach a few nails to the length support through the gutter as well, but only do this if it seems necessary.

Drill a few extra holes if using this feeder outdoors; this will allow rainwater to drain out quickly, these holes will need to be away from the wooden support.

, It’s now ready for use.

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