How to Make a Chicken Feeder



Purchase or salvage a 10 foot (3.0 m) PVC plastic pipe, of about a 4-inch diameter.,
Measure the pipe into three even divisions.,
Measure in from the ends to account for the end caps for the pipes.,
Draw guidance lines down the side of each pipe indicating the trough area to be cut away.,
Cut the top quarter of the pipe off.,
Drill holes for the screw hanger attachments to each end of the pipe, with the end cap intact.,
Remove the end caps.,
Attach the screw hangers to the end caps.,
Repeat for each length of pipe you’re turning into a chicken trough feeder.

You’ll also need six end caps.

, Mark, then cut each division to make three sections. This will allow you to make three separate trough feeders for the chickens.

, Leave these sections intact; mark where they are. When cutting out the trough, leave both of these ends intact.

, Start at the cap end point on end, and end at the cap end point on the other side. It is recommended that you cut away about one quarter to not quite a half of the pipe, ensuring that there is plenty of pipe left to contain the chicken feed, but enough space for the chickens to get their heads inside the pipe trough.

, Discard of this unless you have another purpose for it.

, That way, you get the hole size exact.

, Smear glue around the end section, then reattach the end caps, carefully aligning with the hole you’ve just drilled. The glue will ensure that no amount of bumping or nibbling will cause the end caps to fall off.

, Attach the other hanger or chain and hang in place in the chicken shed or coop.

, Then add feed, and watch the chickens enjoy their meal.

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