How to Make a Cheap Cat Teaser Toy



Find a ponytail holder with decorative baubles or the like.,
Tie a long, fancy, but durable ribbon to it.,
Attach this to a long stick.,
Simply shake it in front of the cat to play.

It should be a warm colour, such as hot pink or red, because this reminds cats of living prey. A cool colour such as blue will be less exciting for the cat. If you don’t have any at home and can’t buy one, look around next time you’re in a public place. Ponytail holders drop everywhere. If you own ponytail holders, but do not own any with baubles, simply attach a big, warm-coloured decoration to it. A scrunchie will work fine for this too.;
, Again, this should be a warm colour. Something with a design such as stripes or polka dots will make it more exciting for the cat. Tug on the ribbon very hard to see if it will be able to withstand a cat yanking at it.

, A stick with a hole through it will work better, as you can thread it through, creating a more durable toy.

, For a cat, this is hours of fun. If you are busy and your cat wants to play, attach it to the wall and put a low-blowing fan behind it.

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