How to Make a Cat Wall Bed from a Basket



Choose an ideal place for the basket in your home.,
Purchase or find a decorative, but highly durable basket.,
Select a pillow or blankets that you will use to line the basket.,
Visit the hardware store for wall mounting supplies.,
Mark the spot for mounting the basket.,
Once the mounting marks are in place, place the basket bottom flat against the wall.,
Add a pillow/blanket and/or toys to the basket.,

Knowing where you’re going to mount a basket is usually the first step because it will help to determine the size of the basket you’ll buy or use. You’ll want to find an area your cat loves, but also one that works with your home’s décor. It also needs to be somewhere that the cat can access with ease.

Consider the height and area where kitty likes to sleep. For example, if he enjoys sleeping in your home office, this might make the ideal area where you will house the basket.
Even if your cat loves to sleep up high, make sure he has a way to get to the basket on his own. What objects nearby or underneath will aid this?
Identify an area that will look good with your room layout and décor. Even if the cat loves to sleep next to the front door, placing the basket there may not exactly work in terms of your room layout, etc. Make sure you will be able to live with basket placement before committing on an area.;
, You will want something that not only matches with your décor but one that is durable enough to handle being mounted on the wall and is able to hold your cat’s weight. Most importantly, there must be enough “sleeping space” on the side of the basket that will end up forming the base of the cat bed, remembering that the actual bottom of the basket will be mounted to the wall.

Hopefully you’ve already considered where you’ll place the basket and how it will match your décor. You’ll be mounting the basket from the bottom, facing outward, so your cat will sleep along (what was) the side or bottom of the basket––keep this in mind when selecting the shape of the basket.
Find a basket that will fit the cat’s size. With a smaller kitty you can get away with choosing nearly any sized basket. However if your cat is pushing 20 pounds (and more), you’ll definitely need something substantial enough to hold his girth.

, The bedding will fit along the bottom area of the basket once it has been mounted on the wall. Therefore, choose something comfortable that will fit along the sides of the basket. It needs to be both cat-friendly and décor-friendly!

, You will need wall mounting screws or nails and wall supports for this project. Take into consideration the size and shape of your basket when selecting the needed hardware:

Pick up heavy duty wall mounting screws/nails and wall supports. You will need at least four mounting screws and two wall supports to hold the basket in place. For a larger basket you may need additional screws, so consider bringing the basket with you to the hardware store in case you have questions.
Make sure the wall supports are strong enough to hold the basket in place, but small enough to be camouflaged underneath. Since this is both a decorative and functional endeavor, you’ll need something that will provide your basket with strength and support but won’t look like an eyesore either. Hold the wall supports underneath the basket to determine how much you’ll be able to see when the basket is suspended.

, It’s recommended that you use a level to mark off where you will mount the basket before you start adding nails or screws.

Check for studs. Use a stud detector, or knock on the wall. If you knock to hear hollow sounds, then it’s good to go. The stud detector will beep if there is a stud. If you come across a stud, move your wall placement out or in accordingly.

, Apply the nails or screws to the four corners of the basket’s bottom, to hold securely in place. (If you’ve chosen a round basket, strategically place the nails/screws around the sides, top and bottom for full support.) Add additional nails/screws to the basket if you think it’s needed, depending on the basket shape.

Add supports to the bottom of the basket. Follow the directions provided with the wall supports, and firmly nail or screw the supports to the wall, directly underneath the basket. Make sure the basket can rest comfortably on the supports––in the event the cat gains some weight or jumps into the basket at high speed, the supports will need to be able to “catch” the basket rather than letting it fall.

, Finish your kitty wall basket with a comfy pillow or blanket––anything that will welcome him to his new space.

Complete the look by making the wall-mounted bed-basket a comfortable place for kitty to relax. Cats love cushions and snuggling so make sure you add something soft for him to lay on inside the basket.
Consider placing a few treats in the basket at first so the cat gets used to jumping into the basket. He may not understand at first this was made for him so place a few of his favorite treats inside the basket or some catnip laden toys to entice him to jump in.


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