How to Make a Cat Bed from an Old Sweater



Find a soft sweater.,
Sew up the neckline.,
Sew across the sweater from one armpit to the other.,
Stuff the arms of the sweater with polyester fiberfill.,
Tuck one cuff inside the other.,
Sew the arms together using a whipstitch.,
Cut the excess material off of the bottom of the sweater, if needed.,
Consider stuffing the body of the sweater.,
Sew the sweater to the arms using a whipstitch.

A sweater that your cat already loves to sleep on would be a great choice for this. You can also use any old sweater, or even a brand-new one, as long as you don’t mind cutting and sewing it back up. )

You can sew this sweater using a sewing machine and matching thread, or by hand using a yarn and a yarn needle.
If the sweater has a turtleneck, cut it off first.;
, For a nicer finish, turn the sweater inside-out first, then sew straight across the top of the sweater, just below the neckline. Turn the sweater right-side-out when you are done., Use a ruler and a tailor’s chalk to draw a horizontal line across the front of your sweater. Make sure that the line is level with the bottom of each armhole., Make sure that the stuffing meets the body of the sweater, where the neckline used to be. Use enough stuffing to fill the arms, but not so much that they stretch out and become bulky.Fill one arm all the way to the cuff, and the other just below.
You can also roll up a baby blanket or quilt batting, and use that instead., Take the arm that you filled all the way to the edge, and tuck it inside the other arm. You want the cuffs to overlap each other., Thread a yarn needle with a piece of yarn. Sew the arms together along the edge of the visible cuff. You can use a matching yarn color for this, or a contrasting one., Spread the sweater onto a flat surface. Set the looped arms on top, so that the cuff is facing the bottom. Trace around the outer edge of the looped arms with tailor’s chalk. Cut along the line that you drew.Make sure that you cut through both layers.

, You don’t have to do this, but it will make the bed more comfortable for your cat. You can use more polyester stuffing/fiberfill, or you can use a pillow. If you are using a pillow, make sure that it is the same dimensions as the sweater’s body., Flip the sweater over. Sew the body of the sweater to the looped arms using a yarn needle, yarn, and a whipstitch. Start at one armpit and end at the other.You can use a matching yarn color for this, or a contrasting one.

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