How to Make a C and C Cage for a Guinea Pig



Find where you will buy your materials.,
Decide where you will put the cage.,
Decide whether you want it to be an open or closed cage (Top or no top).,
Connect the cube grids with the connectors to form a rectangle shape.,
Measure the INSIDE of the cubes.,
Measure and mark the Coroplast.,
Cut it down to size.,
Measure and score the Coroplast.,
Cut the corner 6″ in to make the flap that makes the corner.

,Snap the edges to make a box

Tape the flaps together with clear packing tape.

Finally, Put the box inside the grids and you are done!!

You’ll need to find stores that sell the materials you will need to make it. Here are some stores that sell cubes:

Bed Bath and Beyond
Some sign stores that sell Coroplast:

Fastsigns (Worldwide)
Home Depot

If you cannot find any of these stores in your area, check your yellow pages for “Sign Shop/Store”

, Avoid putting it on the floor unless it is your only option. This is because when they are on the floor they can feel more vibrations when people are walking, someone is using the vacuum, etc. The area should be in a high traffic area, or an area where the family usually is. This makes them feel like they are in the family and will be happier. The area should be a bright room with indirect sunlight. If you have a window that will bring occasional light in the cage, that is good too. The room should also have a stable temperature between 65-75 degrees. If you are comfortable with the room temperature, so are they. See warnings for where not to put the cage.

, If you have a toddler, cat or dog that could easily get to your Guinea Pigs when you’re not around, you should make a closed cage. If you have any of those and they can’t get to the Pigs when you’re not around, you could have an open cage.

, Using cable ties or zip ties will help the cubes be more sturdy. You can find these at hardware stores, and sometimes even at Walmart.;
, The Coroplast Box will go inside the cubes. Then add 12 inches (30.5 cm) to the length and width as the wall of the box should be 6 inches (15.2 cm) high on every side.

, Use a tape measure, yardstick and pen.

, Using a box cutter is best, but if you don’t have one you can use scissors as a substitute.

, Now that you have it down to the size you need, measure 6″ from all sides and mark where it is. Next, score it with a box cutter. Just to be safe, try it on a scrap piece of Coroplast first so you don’t cut all the way through.


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