How to Make a Boy Notice You Even More



Be friends with him.,
Always be there for your crush.,
Give him a few cute little clues.,
Flirt a little bit.,
Talk to a guy as a guy.,
Have him chase you.,
If you’re not necessarily the prettiest of girls, try to ask him what he looks for in a girl.,
When the time is right lean in and kiss him on the cheek or lips and quickly pull away and walk away, leaving him wanting more!

Have your crush notice you and if he doesn’t notice you,then try to make him notice you. Give a good first impression, say hello in the hallways, maybe walk with him to class and talk a little. Form a little bubble in his mind about you.;
, Sometimes boys can be confusing, and some times they can be sad. If you see your crush down, and by himself, or just on a wall looking sad go up to him and ask “Are you okay?” Let him know that you’re always there for him if he wants to talk, and that he can trust you. Remember to Give him some space once in a while or if he looks like he wants to be alone. This will make him miss your comfort and he’ll think about you.

, To make a boy notice you, you have to sometimes act in a way that hints you want to be noticed more. If you find him looking at you, make eye contact with him and give him a sweet innocent closed mouth smile. Hold the eye contact for about five seconds, then break off. This will leave your crush wondering about your seductive smile.

, Guys will be guys, and a little bit of flirting won’t do you any harm. It’s okay to flirt a little bit, leave your crush with a memory of a beautiful girl that has shown some interest in him. He will come back to return the favor sometime and voila, conversations will start rolling.

, Leave the girl talk to your friends! Usually, one way to get a guy to notice you more is to talk about him. Ask him about his game if he plays a sport, or an art piece if he’s into art, or whatever you find he has hobbies in. Your crush will most certainly be flattered, responsive, and maybe even a tad bit embarrassed if he’s shy when you ask about his day. He might ask about you a bit too.

, A friend is always there, but if you want your crush to notice you more, then you’ve got to be unavailable once in a while. Break off a conversation nicely and excuse yourself off, or talk to another guy. Have him wondering about the mysterious side of you.

, If he says looks, then ask him why and say it’s all about the personality not looks. Also keep on giving him hints about you.


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