How to Make a Bird Trap



Build a backyard trap using a mousetrap, a cardboard box, and some string.,
Purchase a live rat or mouse trap, the kind with a spring.,
Cut a small hole in the center of a cardboard box.,
Fasten the mouse trap to the ground with 2-3 long metal nails.,
Tie a loop in one end of the thread.,
Tie a loop in the end of the thread opposite the mousetrap.,
Tie the string around the loaded mousetrap spring.,
Place some bread or birdseed on the mousetrap as bait and wait for a hit.,
Wear long sleeves and gloves when grabbing a live bird.

This simple trap attaches a cardboard box to a mouse trap spring. When the bird lands on the trap, the box falls and contains it for later. The trap will also spring on squirrels and other small game, so it can be an effective trap in a survival scenario as well.

, You want the “classic” trap with a wooden board attached to a spring-loaded trap. They catch the mouse by flipping a metal bar on them when they touch the bait-laden trap. You can find these traps at almost any hardware store., Use a pen to punch a whole in the middle of the box. You want the box to be roughly twice the size of the bird to trap it., You want the trap to be secure enough that it doesn’t move when the bird lands on it.

, Temporarily loop it around part of the mouse trap. Thread the other end through the hole in the top of the box. Later on, you’ll attach this loop to the spring. But, for now, you just need it looped somewhere on the trap to create tension in the line.

Rest the box on it’s edge, so that the open part faces the trap. It should be angled up, so that a bird could fly under the box and land on the trap.

, Run a nail through the loop, then nail this end of the string into the ground. Pull the nail out enough to keep the line tight and the box stays balanced on it’s edge. The inside of the box should be facing the ground, with one side raised to allow birds to enter. Adjust the thread so that the highest edge of the box is only a foot or so in the air.

The box needs to be high enough the a bird flies into it, but low enough that it can shut before the bird can fly out.

, Load the spring but not the arm, as if you were setting it for a mouse. When you press on the trap, it should unload quickly. You want the string to be on the mechanism that spring when a mouse (or, in this case, bird) steps on it. When the bird lands on the trap the box will fall around the bird, trapping it.

The tension of the string is holding the box in place. Make sure you tie the string so that it sits correctly.
Test the string by pushing on the trap. The string should lose tension and box will fall.

, Do not go near the trap, since constant human activity near the trip will scare birds away. If you see that the box has fallen, go check it to see if you caught anything. , To get the bird out of your trap, lift the box slightly, reach in, and grab the bird firmly around the body. Wear gloves and long sleeves to prevent any pecking or scratching wounds. The darkness should disorient it enough that you can easily pick it off the ground.

There is always the chance that you’ll catch a rabbit or squirrel as well with your trap since it is on the ground. Be ready for anything.

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