How to Make a Bird Cage



Gather your materials.,
Cut the posts.,
Cut the front/back panel pieces.,
Cut the side panel pieces.,
Cut the top and bottom pieces.,
Assemble the panels.,
Cut and attach the wire.,
Attach the panels.,
Attach the top, bottom, and wheels.,
Create the doors.,
Line the bottom of the bird cage.,
Place food and water bowls.,
Add entertainment features.

You’ll need plywood or MDF at 1/2″ thickness, 1×2 lumber, four 2×2 pieces of lumber, strong metal cage wire (poultry wire or similar), wood glue, 2.5″ decking screws, hinges, and a saw. You can optionally add casters if you want the cage to be easily movable.

The wood you choose for making the cage should be very hard like plywood and the netting or wiring should not be painted but simply electroplated.

, Cut the 2×2 lumber to 72″ lengths. These will be the vertical posts.

, You’ll need the following cuts of 1×2 lumber:

Two pieces at 72″
Three pieces at 45″

, You’ll need the following cuts of 1×2 lumber:

Four pieces at 36″
Four pieces at 33″

, You’ll need solid pieces of MDF or plywood, each cut to 36″x51″.

, Using decking screws, screw through the narrow side of the long pieces and into the ends of the short pieces. You should end up with two large panels for the front and back at 48″x72″ with a bar in the middle. You should also have four square frames for the sides, each at 36×36″.

, Cut wire that is big enough to cover the center of the frames and extend onto the frames themselves. Using a staple gun, staple the wire to wood frame on what will become the inside of the panels. You can soften the edges and keep things from getting caught on them by tracing the edge of the wire with silicon or caulk.

, Attach the front panels to the posts, so that the edges are flush, using the decking screws. Then attach just one of the side panels on each side, one flush with the top and one flush with the bottom. Set the remaining two side panels aside to become the doors. You should now have a 36″x51″x72″ box.

, Using decking screws, screw the top and bottom pieces into the posts, two screws to a post. If you want wheels, attach caster wheels into the posts using the manufacturer’s instructions.

, Attach the remaining two panels by placing two hinges on each side, one half attached to the door, the other half attached to the the center piece on the other side panel. This should leave you with a cage door on either side: one on top to add food and interact with the birds, the other at the bottom to aid in cleaning.

, Line the bottom of the cage with a flattened garbage bag and then wood chips, newspaper, or other appropriate lining material.

, You can mount the food trays to the wire or wood, or place them elsewhere in the cage, depending on what is best for your bird.

, Birds need perches and toys. Birds spend a lot of their time on perches. Place them in varying heights within the cage. Some good toys for your bird are mirrors, ladders, and bells. These keep your bird from becoming bored.

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