How to Make a Bird Cage from a Dog Cage



Get a dog cage.,
Get mesh.,
Take zip ties and zip tie the mesh to the four corners of the cage.,
Add in bedding at the bottom.,
Add in perches.,
Add in the toys.,
Add in a food and water bowl, and a bath!,
Add in the bird!

The cage you use depends on the size of your bird. A budgie could go with a medium size, while a parrot may need and extra large! Please ensure that your cage can fit the necessary products for your bird’s health, and that it has room for your bird to fly around.;
, You can use fabric mesh for budgies and smaller birds, but harder mesh, or metal mesh, is recommended for larger parrots, like African Greys.

, Make sure to do this and tie the zip ties firmly. When you get to the door, simply tie it to the side that the door opens to, so you can access the cage easily.

, If you use newspaper, or bird paper, add that in. This will make cleaning the birdcage easier, since bird feces dry fast and will stick to the bottom of the cage.

, The highest perch will be the one your bird will go on most. So ensure that the highest on is one that will benefit your bird, preferably a natural wood perch.

, Add in swings, ladders, mirrors, whatever you want! Make sure the cage is full of toys, but not too many so it is safe for a bird to fly around. Also, make sure they vary, and have foraging toys to have stimulation in your bird’s life. Again, go for as many natural wood toys as possible!

, Food and water bowls should be kept clean! Bathwater is needed, to help with molting and makes it easier for the feathers to come out, taking some stress off the bird.

, The bird will be happy to have a nice, big home. If you just got your bird, give them 1 month to get used to its new home and cage. If you already had your bird and just making an upgrade, simply give them a few days to get used to the cage.

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