How to Make a Binder About Your Crush



Get a binder!,
Have a crush!,
Write all about what you think of them (cute, adorable, hot, loving, sensitive, etc).,
Get photos.,
Write all your connections with them.,
Write your name and their last name together.,
Write their name and hearts all around it.

Add in mementos from time you’ve spent together.,
What does the future hold?,
See all those empty pages?,
Love them!

You could also use a scrapbook or just staple some sheets together. Choose a binder that is in your or his/her favourite colour or has a picture of a band you both like. You might even be able to buy one just the same as the one they use at school!;
, This is much more fun to do if you are doing it about a person you’re crazy about. Not sure if it’s a crush, lust, friendship or even something more? Check out How To Tell if It’s an Acquaintance, Friend, Crush, or Love.

, You might like to brainstorm ideas and compose paragraphs on their best qualities in your best handwriting to give the binder a personal touch. Back up what you consider their best qualities with examples, such as I realised how smart he was when we did a project on the Renaissance in class and he had loads of information, which he shared, such as… or I realised how kind she is when she helped me after I lost my schoolbag…. Write down the full story. These will give you some great memories re-reading the binder and makes your argument more persuasive and credible.

, Take photos or get them offline. Take photographs of places you’ve been together or of mutual friends.

, Note any funny or touching moments you’ve had together.

, (Mandy Brown, Ryan Green, Mandy Green Ryan Brown)

,, Did you go on a school tour? Add a brochure from wherever you went and write about anything that happened. Did you go to the cinema with friends? Stick in your ticket, an advertisement or review of the film you saw, the popcorn carton you ate from or pictures from the internet of people at the cinema.

, You might like to think of where you would like the relationship to be in six months, a year, five years and ten years. Perhaps you’ll be googling a picture of a beautiful bride and groom and adding your own heads! Write what careers you expect to attract you and your crush and what you would like for them. Whilst it is best not to take planning a future together too seriously just yet it is a nice idea to seriously think about what your hopes and dreams for yourself and for them are. It will make interesting reading in a few years and will focus you on achieving in the here and now.

, There is only so much you could know about them as a crush. It’s up to you to develop the relationship so soon you’re filling those pages with memories of dates, fun times and maybe even your first kiss… What if they say no? It’ll hurt a little but you’ll get over it and you won’t be wasting your time crushing on someone whose not interested while the right person for you is walking around out there, searching for you! You might like to read How to Ask Out Your Crush. Best of luck!


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