How to Make a Bed for Your Cat



Gather materials.,
Attach the legs.,
Place the pillow inside.,
Make decorations.,
Decorate the inside of the lid.

You are going to need an old suitcase with hard sides (look at a thrift store), four wooden legs (which can be found at a hardware store), strong glue, some art supplies, and a small pillow (that can fit inside the suitcase)., Turn your suitcase over so that the bottom is facing up. Then, apply some glue to bottom of each wooden leg, and affix each of them to the bottom of the suitcase (one near each corner.) Place some books or other heavy items on top of the legs, and allow the glue to dry (usually this takes about an hour).Another option is to drill through the bottom of your suitcase and into the wooden legs.
This is a good choice if your wooden legs came with screw holes, and if you are proficient with power tools.

, Hopefully you have located a pillow that is roughly the same size as the inside of your suitcase. (You can look at thrift stores, home goods stores, or if you are feeling very adventurous, you can make your own.) Then simply place your pillow inside the suitcase.Avoid pillows with tassels, sequins, or long strings that your cat may choke on.

, The inside lid of your suitcase-turned-cat-bed is a wonderful place for some cute decorations. You may want to cut pictures out of a magazine, or draw some images (e.g., little fish) on construction paper and cut them out., Take the decorations you have created and arrange them on the inside of your lid. When you’ve figured out the best configuration, use some craft glue to stick your decorations down. Your cat bed is now ready to use!

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