How to Maintain an Erection



Talk to your partner.,
Be intimate in new ways.,
Consider counselling.

Communicate openly to your partner about your difficulty maintaining an erection. Couples who are unable to talk openly to each other sometimes find it harder to be sexually intimate. If there is no communication, each partner may blame themselves. If you are both uncomfortable talking about it counselling may help.

In some cases, your partner may have ideas or suggestions about how he or she can help you maintain your erection in the bedroom.
Getting to really know your partner will help you become more intimate and feel more comfortable.

, If your sex is focused just on penetration and climax, you may feel under more pressure to quickly get and maintain an erection, which can make this harder to do. Try to find new and more varied ways to be intimate with your partner that are not just about sprinting to the finish line. Take time with each other, such as taking a bath or shower together or massaging each other.You can also try practicing different sexual positions to enhance blood flow.
Being on top or standing up while engaging in sexual activity can increase your blood flow and help you maintain an erection., If you or your doctor suspect your problems with maintaining an erection are psychological, consider the possibility of undergoing counselling. A professional, experienced psychologist may be able to help reverse your problems with ED.

Problems with maintaining erections are not normally psychological. Emotional causes are more common in younger men and physical causes in older men.
If you have erections in the morning or at night, it is likely that your difficulties maintaining an erection for intercourse are not physical.

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