How to Maintain a Nice Healthy Glow



Try not to stay in the shower for longer than 15 minutes, as the heat can often draw out moisture from your skin, which gives it its natural glow.,
Use a rough sponge when you are taking your shower, because this removes your dead skin cells, revealing new soft skin every time you shower.

Moisturize your skin.,
Beautiful on the inside, and out.,
Try to keep a fit and healthy body and lifestyle.,
Smile at most times!

,, There’s nothing worse than dry, flaky skin, and it certainly doesn’t help to maintain a healthy complexion. Once you’ve had a shower, your skin is at its most vulnerable spot. It’s best to moisturize to keep it looking smooth and soft. If you are looking pale, buy a tinted moisturizer that will gradually tan your skin. This will rejuvenate your skin, making it look more nourished.

, It is important to keep your skin healthy on the inside and out, so drinking lots of water can help clear any blemishes on your face, but also maintains the healthy colour of your skin.

, It encourages your pores to perspire, relieving whatever is clogging your pores. It also keeps you in tip top shape!

, It can really help show bodily confidence, and tops off your beautiful skin!

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