How to Lower TSH Levels Fast



Maintain a healthy diet rich in iodine.,
Exercise regularly.,
Reduce stress and anxiety.

Have a diet rich in healthy sources of protein like tofu, chicken, and beans. Add a good balance of fruits and vegetables to your diet, specifically sea vegetables, as they are rich in iodine. Have sea vegetables like kelp, nori, and kombu. Foods high in natural iodine are good for your thyroid.You can sprinkle kelp over your salads or soups for added iodine. Try adding kombu to your beans or meat. Wrap foods in nori.

, Being active can help your TSH levels stay balanced. Go for regular runs or bike rides. Join a gym and take workout classes. Make it a habit to be active for at least 30 minutes a day.You can also try taking a yoga class to help you stay active and to reduce your stress levels. Look for yoga classes at your local gym or yoga studio.

, Keep your stress and anxiety levels low to avoid agitating your thyroid. Do relaxing activities like painting, drawing, and knitting. Try doing a hobby you enjoy to release stress and anxiety. Working out can also be a good way to reduce your stress levels.

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