How to Lower Myostatin Levels



Exercise at a moderate intensity.,
Use an elliptical.,
Ride a bike.,
Go for a jog.,
Try other aerobic exercises.

When using aerobic exercise to reduce your myostatin levels, you have significant leeway regarding how much exercise you wish to do. To begin reducing myostatin levels you need only exercise at about 40% to 50% of your maximum ability. Pushing yourself beyond these basic exercise levels will result in a greater decrease in myostatin.Working out at moderate intensity on a bike, elliptical, or in other aerobic exercise will feel similar to taking a brisk walk.
You should burn at least 1,200 calories each week to see real declines in your myostatin levels. To track the number of calories you burn, check the digital readouts on your aerobic exercise equipment, or use a wearable fitness tracking device (for instance the FitBit).

, An elliptical training machine (sometimes called a “ski machine”) is a popular piece of equipment that can help you lower your myostatin levels. To use the elliptical machine, step onto the machine’s foot pads. Place your left foot in the left foot pad, and your right foot in the right foot pad. Grab the left and right handles.Select the settings under which you wish to train. For instance, you can increase the machine’s resistance or set time or calorie burning targets.The handles and feet pads on a given side of the machine work in opposition to each other. In other words, as you swing the machine’s right handle forward, your right leg will move back. On the opposite side, the left hand will be pulled back and your left foot will be moved forward. Swing your feet and arms forward and backward in time with the machine.

, Riding a bike is a common aerobic exercise, and can lower your myostatin levels. You can ride either a regular bike or a stationary bike to gain the benefits of lowered myostatin.Ride at moderate intensity to lower your myostatin levels. Aim to burn at least 1,200 calories per week by riding a bike.
Always use safety when riding a bike. Wear a helmet and ride in the bike lane, or as close to the curb as possible. Do not ride against traffic and do not ride on the sidewalk., Running is one of the most common forms of aerobic exercise, and can lower your myostatin levels. Wear light, loose-fitting clothing when running. Choose a clean, well-lit path.Aim to jog at least 20 minutes. As you gain strength and build endurance, add time to your run in 10-minute increments.

, There are many aerobic exercises you could do which, over time, could lower your myostatin levels. For instance, you might choose to jump rope, go swimming, row a boat, or do jumping jacks.

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